Premium Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters with Unbeatable Quality

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A house with plantation shutters appears updated and well-kept which increases curb-appeal massively. They also increase property value since installed window treatments normally stay with the house after a sale.  In fact the extra touch of quality window treatments can be the tipping point on the sale of a house.  It gives the new owners one less thing to tackle after the sale and they give the house a “homey” feel when showing.  This will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are making a wise investment that not only looks good, but will pay off if you ever decide to move.

In addition, when you purchase from us, you will be making a wise choice for your time-management and the health of your family.  Plantation shutters are much easier to clean than fussy blinds that bend or tangle or drapery which must be removed and laundered and pressed.  People are more inclined to regularly clean plantation shutters because they know it’s an easy task.  The larger slats of these shutters can be wiped down easily and quickly which will cut down greatly on the allergens in your home.